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5 Things You’ll Most Likely Never See in Restaurants Again

Salad bar at the hotel

Things may look different at your favorite food joint once you can safely dine out for a meal. With a renewed focus on safety and sanitation, COVID-19 has more than likely left some lasting changes on the restaurant industry. Here are some changes says are coming based on the National Restaurant Association’s recommendations.
Preset tables and unwrapped straws will go. Instead of having your diningware exposed on a table, things will be tightly wrapped to avoid exposure. The NRA is also recommending that restaurants either make menus that are easy to sanitize or use paper, disposable menus.
Other places may nix the salad bar or buffet, just like Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp is asking business owners in the peach state to do.
You may also want to bring a lemon from home for your tea cause restaurants are also advised to stay away from self-service stations that hold pre-cut fruit slices.
Do you think that restaurants should just make these type of changes permanent to ensure a cleaner dining experience? Have you heard or seen any changes?