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50% Of Us Have A Neighbor We Wish Would Move Away!

Think of all your neighbors.  Is there one you’d be totally fine with never seeing again? YES, YES, and YES!

A new poll found half of us have at least one neighbor we’d encourage to move if there was a polite way to do it.  Half of us have also considered moving ourselves just to get away from a bad neighbor.

Here are a few more not-so-neighborly stats from the survey . . .

1.  People with young kids were twice as likely to say a neighbor has made them want to move.  So it seems like that can be a major factor.

2.  31% of people with security cameras have caught a neighbor doing something “odd” on video.

3.  There might be more bad neighbors out there than you think:  52% of people would consider sneaking into a neighbor’s yard to change, “fix,” or remove something.  24% said they’d even risk taking a dip in a neighbor’s pool or hot tub.

4.  Have you ever asked for a cup of sugar, or some other ingredient?  Young and old people are the most likely to do it.  Around 30% of Millennials and people over 75 have asked.  Just 20% of Boomers and 14% of Gen Xers said yes.

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