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Happy National Beer Day

Today might be the best day of the year! Why?   It’s National No Housework Day . . . National Burrito Day . . .

AND  National BEER Day.  Beer Day is the most widely celebrated of the three, so here are a few quick stats and facts . . .

1.  The date wasn’t chosen at random.  89 years ago today . . . on April 7th, 1933 . . . a new law took effect that allowed people to brew and distribute beer again.  It was the first major step toward ending Prohibition.

2.  Beer is the #1 drink we order at bars, and it’s not even close.  47% of people say it’s their go-to drink.  Margaritas are next at 22%, then wine, cosmos, and gin-and-tonics.

3.  Budweiser is the brand with the best name recognition.  But the most POPULAR beer right now is Sam Adams.  49% of Americans have a positive opinion about the brand.  Corona is next at 46%, and it’s the most popular beer among women.

4.  Here’s a not-so-fun fact for tax season:  The production, distribution, and sale of beer is heavily taxed.  If it wasn’t, beer would be about 40% cheaper.

5.  The “fear of an empty beer glass” has its own word:  Cenosillicaphobia  (sen-oh-sill-ick-uh-fobia)

6. How early is too early to have your first beer of the day?  Well, maybe wait until AFTER work.  But a recent poll also asked when it’s acceptable to start drinking on weekends.  The most common answer was noon.