Luke Bryan Honors Lionel Richie During Gershwin Prize Ceremony

Luke Bryan was one of many to honor his friend and fellow ‘American Idol’ Judge Lionel Richie during The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize Ceremony.
Luke performed ‘Lady’ as a tribute to Lionel who received the esteemed award.
Before the performance, he spoke very highly of his friend. “You know how we all have bad days. I wake up, I have a bad day. And then I tell myself that somewhere, Lionel Richie ain’t having a bad day, so you better have a good day, To be here for nights like this means the world to me, wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he adds. “This guy is everything you believe he is, I promise you. So, I’m honored to be here.”
If you could have one celebrity to ‘honor’ you, who would you choose?

Watch Bryan’s performance at the 36-minute mark: