A 65 Year-Old Man Drops Tomatoes On Woman’s Roof For 4 Years!

You’ve probably heard of the old gag where people would THROW TOMATOES at bad performers.  But I’ve never heard of this before.

A 65-year-old man in New Hampshire named Michael Arnold has been arrested for stalking a woman for four years.  But he wasn’t just following her around.

He would also fly a small propeller plane over her house in New York, and throw tomatoes on her roof from above.  He’d sometimes do these fly-bys three times a week, and she could DEFINITELY hear it.  She said he’d fly so close that the doors and windows would rattle.

The woman says she made REPEATED complaints, but she couldn’t get the authorities to take her seriously . . . even when her neighbors corroborated her claims about the low-flying plane.

And even when they did, she couldn’t get the police to work with the FAA.

For the record, even though the plane was Michael’s, he denied that he was the one flying it, but he refused to reveal who the pilot was.

He told the local news, “I might be able to, but I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus.  If they don’t want to get involved, I can’t get them involved.”  (???)

Michael never had a relationship with the victim . . . it started when he was a customer who would show up at her café and be creepy.  At one point, he emailed her unsolicited, inappropriate photos.

She warned him to cool it, and that’s when he started stalking and threatening her, from the ground . . . the air . . . and on social media.

Michael already had an order of protection against him, so now he’s facing an additional eight counts of misdemeanor criminal contempt, as well as one felony count

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