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A Heart In Your Mouth Moment

Base jumpers are a little crazy!   A hiker in the U.K. was amazed to see two base jumpers leap off a narrow ridge and parachute to safety from a stomach-churning height.  Nick Cowie, 32, who lives in London, was hiking with friends around Aonach Eagach, a ridge near Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands, earlier this month when he heard a parachute deploy from the ridge.   Cowie said he and his friends were at about 3,100 feet, near the top of the ridge, which has an elevation of 3,175 feet.  “There were two base jumpers, we don’t know the guys, just as we got to the top and start of the Aonach Eagach ridge we heard the first parachute deploy and saw them,” Cowie says.   “I was blown away really, it’s such a sharp drop and narrow gully, no margin for error. My heart was in my mouth when he jumped and we were elated to see him sail off into the distance.”