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A Mustang With A Pizza Holder!

How awesome is this?   7-Eleven has revealed a custom Ford Mustang GT designed with unique features like a classy 7-Eleven paint job, pizza slice holder, and coffee scented air freshener. People can win the 7-Eleven Mustang by downloading the store’s app. The Model 711 was built by Galpin Auto Sports of “Pimp My Ride” fame and wrapped in a 7-Eleven paint scheme.  Slogans splashed across it include “Built for Speed & Snacks,” “Need for Slurpee,” and “Another One Bites the Crust.” There’s a pizza slice holder that slips into a cupholder.  The car is equipped with an automatic transmission, which has had its shifter grip replaced with one shaped like a Slurpee that looks like will be as cold as the frozen drink to touch in winter. The Mustang’s seats have also been reupholstered with fabric inspired by the stripes featured on 7-Eleven storefronts. The finishing touch is a night owl logo replacing the Mustang’s pony in the grille. There are two ways to win it . . .
You’ll be entered into the sweepstakes if you buy participating products through the 7-Eleven app . . . the Speedway app . . . or their “7NOW” delivery app. 7-Eleven bought Speedway last year for $21 billion. ………Or just follow them on Instagram and comment on posts that include the hashtag “Model711Sweeps”. The contest runs through May 24th