A Prince, A Situation And That’s What She Said! Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Since the invention of cars….Royals are not supposed to touch the doors.  Not when getting in, not when getting out. Because ew.

But rocking the world again with their crazy rule breaking….PRINCE HARRY SHUT THE CAR DOOR HIMSELF!  Apparently Meghan did this 1 year ago before knowing of the rule.

Harry was attending the 5th Anniversary of the Invictus Games in London when this earth shattering event happened.
Fans are praising Prince Harry’s the gesture as a sign of his humble nature.  Maybe he did the car door closing to make up for the private jet taking?
MVP is about to reunite!  I’m talking Mike, Vinnie and Paulie D!  
Mike “The Situation” of The Jersey Shore is out of jail after serving 8 months for 1 count of tax evasion, now he has 2 years of supervised release and 500 hours of community service.
In a statement to E! he said he believes the comeback is always greater than the setback and they’re planning on working on a baby situation!
Sometimes coming up with stories for Trending With Tracy is so hard!

The Office is getting it’s own podcast!

Jenna Fischer who played Pam and Angela Kinsley who played Angela at Dunder Mifflin are starting a podcast called “Office Ladies” that will premiere in October where they will break down episodes with behind the scene stories, they’ll answer fan questions and maybe special guests?!
The Office is the most watched show on subscription streaming and you’ll be able to hear “Office Ladies” starting October 16th on your usual podcast spot.