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A Real Life Hero

This guy is our hero.  A struggling baby moose recently got a helping hand. Pictures of a man in Alaska lifting a moose calf over a highway guardrail were posted on Facebook. The mother  was apparently trying to get her baby to go over the guardrail, but it was too tall for the calf. “Traffic stopped to give her the room she needed,” the Facebook post said. “But the calf could not clear the guardrail.” “After nearly 30 min of frantic pacing back-and-forth and the line of traffic growing more and more by the minute a gentleman from the northbound lane of traffic came and gave the calf some assistance,” the post continued. “He waited for the right moment in time when the mom was on the other side of the highway. Traffic blocked her view as he quickly grabbed the calf & placed her over the guardrail with her mother.” According to KTUU, the man was Joe Tate and was heading home on Sunday after a day of fishing. Tate told the station that as he was driving, he came up to a line of cars and the mother moose in the road. When he looked closer, he noticed the baby on the other side of the guardrail. “It was tired,” Tate told KTUU. “It was very, very young. Maybe a week and a half old.” According to KTUU, his friends drove their trailer between the mother and calf so the mother couldn’t see her baby while Tate went over the guardrail towards the calf. Tate told the station that the calf was so tired, it just came right up to him and let him lift it over the railing. As soon as the calf was steady on its feet, Tate left immediately so it could go back to its mother on its own, KTUU reported.