News | Tracy St. George

A Second Wave Of Grocery Hoarding Is On The Horizon.

Hang onto your toilet paper; experts are warning that a second round of grocery hoarding could be coming as Coronavirus cases spike throughout the U.S.

Just as grocery stores got the hang of high purchase levels, The Bulletin and Eat This say mores stores are taking the “less is more” approach, meaning less popular items are left off the shelves for the big sellers.   That may be why you haven’t seen many of those kitschy Oreo flavors while shopping; the classic Oreo is a guaranteed seller.

Brands are producing their best-sellers more, too, due to high demand.  Heinz-Kraft and Progresso and Amy’s Kitchen are limiting brand options to pump out more brand favorites.

Have grocery stores done well to prevent shoppers from stockpiling things like toilet paper and bleach?  Have you noticed that any of your favorite grocery items have disappeared?