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A Small Ohio Town Is Looking For A New Mayor

He says he was just trying to add some humor to the town council workshop.   Craig Shubert is the mayor of Hudson, Ohio, right outside of Cleveland.  He stepped down following an odd claim he made last week. He was at a city council meeting debating whether or not to allow ice fishing in town. And he claimed that allowing it might be a slippery slope. He said if you allow ice fishing, then people might want to set up ice fishing shanties next year. And if that happens . . . it could lead to prostitution.  WHAT?  Most people thought it was a weird jump in logic, and oddly paranoid. So the video went viral. Then yesterday, Craig announced he was stepping down. The statement he put out said his comment about prostitutes in shanties was supposed to be a dose of “dry humor” to lighten the mood. But if that’s true, his humor is VERY dry. He said it with a straight face, and no one laughed or cracked a smile. The city is now planning to install a temporary replacement until a new mayor can be elected this November.