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A True Teenage Hero

We wouldn’t have been this calm. This teenager really is a hero!   A 13-year-old boy was bitten by an alligator near a Winter Springs creek this week and he called 911 for himself.   “I just got bit by a gator,” the boy — later identified as Gabriel Klimis — said on the 911 call.   The teen said he was bitten in the right hip while walking along the bank of the water at Howell Creek Trestle.  Officials with the Seminole County Fire Department said their agency got the call,  but Oviedo Fire took the 13-year-old to a hospital.   “I’m OK though. I can walk and I can stand. I’m fine, it just stings a little, but I’m good,” the boy told the 911 operator.     According to a police report, Klimis said that he and his friends were swimming in the creek and decided to leave due to a storm. He told police that they were walking along the bank of the creek when the alligator “suddenly jumped out of the water and bit him.”   “I just felt a tug on me, and I already knew what it was from the start…” “I just slapped the water and started, like, trying to push him off of me.”   Klimis said he grabbed a stick to drudge his way out of the gator’s jaws. The alligator swam away, and the teen made his way from the creek and was able to call 911.   He described his wound as “not bleeding too bad, but my skin’s like open pretty good.”