Featured Story | Jennifer & Bill

A Unique Engagement Ring

Bill believes only kids, nurses and doctors should wear Crocs. Jennifer loves them for everyone and now this!  A fine jewelry maker in the U.K. is selling a new engagement ring charm that sticks in the top of your Croc.  It’s just like the “Jibbitz” charms people decorate their Crocs with, but much fancier.      It comes with a felt box.  So the idea is you propose with it like a ring, then stick it in their Croc instead of on their finger.  The description says it’s perfect for a “unique,” “wacky,” or “outside-the-box” proposal idea.  But it’s not exactly a cheap stunt to pull.   It’s got a one-carat green sapphire in the middle, surrounded by 16 tiny diamonds set in silver . . . and costs just under $2,000, plus shipping.    A jewelry brand called Jessica Flinn is behind it.  You can check it out on their website.  Each one is made-to-order and takes up to eight weeks to ship.