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A Woman Sues A Man For Standing Her Up!

A woman in Michigan named QaShontae Short was stood up a while back and she didn’t just complain about it on social media, she SUED the guy.  And get this:  She’s asking for $10,000 in damages.    She claims she suffered “emotional distress” because he didn’t show and it was her mother’s birthday, and her mom had just died.  She’s also claiming he “committed perjury,” because he lied about his intentions.  We have footage of the virtual court hearing between QaShontae,  the guy she thought she was going on a date with and the judge, who’s VERY frustrated that the case is being argued in front of him.  But, does this woman look like she’s concerned?  Is she being disrespectful of the court because it looks like she’s at the mall during the hearing!  What do you think?