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According To YOU, Five Guys Has The Best 🍟 In The Fast Food World!

The people at conducted a subjective French fry taste test . . . and somehow, McDonald’s did NOT end up at #1.

Here’s how they ranked the fries at every fast food joint:

1.  Five Guys, Fries

2.  McDonald’s, French Fries

3.  Rally’s / Checkers, Seasoned Fries

4.  Popeyes, Cajun Fries

5.  Wendy’s, Hot & Crispy Fries

6.  Arby’s, Curly Fries

7.  Wienerschnitzel, French Fries

8.  Farmer Boys, Always Crispy Fries

9.  Taco Bell, Nacho Fries

10.  Chick-Fil-A, Waffle Fries

11.  Carl’s Jr., Criss-Cut Fries

12.  Raising Cane’s, Crinkle Cut Fries

13.  Jack in the Box, Curly Fries

14.  Wahlburgers, Yukon French Fries

15.  In-N-Out, French Fries

16.  Del Taco, Crinkle Cut Fries

17.  Jack in the Box, French Fries

18.  KFC, Secret Recipe Fries

19.  Burger King, French Fries

20.  Sonic Drive-In, French Fries **They have fries?!  I only get their tots!!**

21.  Shake Shack, Crinkle Cut Fries.  They call the fries, “an insult to everything else on Shake Shack’s menu.”

22.  Dairy Queen, Fries

23.  Arby’s, Crinkle Cut Fries.  They say, “Compared to the frozen pre-cut potatoes you can buy at the grocery store, these fries are . . . somehow worse.”

( has commentary on each.  What’s the most important fry attribute to YOU:  Crispiness . . . hotness . . . or seasoning?)