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Adam Lambert admits COVID-19 cancelled his yet-to-be-announced tour with Christina Aguilera

ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC/Eric McCandlessAdam Lambert dropped a bomb on his fans Sunday by revealing details about a tour that never happened. 

The “Whatya Want from Me” confirmed that there was a summer tour in the works that included Christina Aguilera, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic dashed any and all plans to move forward with it.

To add insult to injury, Lambert disclosed on Sunday what he had envisioned for the major tour, writing on Twitter, “There was a whole plan to tour w @xtina this summer around the US. Big venues too!”

“But unfortunately everything went into Lock Down before we were ready to announce,” the 38-year-old continued before assuring fans that no one is more crushed about the cancellation than him. “Y’all know I’m an OG Christina Aguilera fan.”

However, Lambert attested that he won’t give up on his passion project and remained hopeful that it will happen one day.  “Waiting time see if we can reschedule it!” he concluded.

With more states cautiously moving ahead with reopening their states, with many setting a goal to have everything back to normal by late summer, it is possible that talks might resume in the near future.

So, what inspired the American Idol runner-up to make such a huge announcement?  He was simply responding to a fan that was begging him and Aguilera to sing “Just a Fool” together for an Instagram live collaboration.

The song is from Aguilera’s Lotus album, in which she performed with Blake Shelton.  However, it was previously revealed that Lambert did provide a demo for the track.

Christina has not yet publicly commented about the potential tour.

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