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Adam Lambert says new album ‘Velvet’ is “the most authentic thing I’ve done”

Courtesy Adam Lambert

Courtesy Adam LambertAdam Lambert released “Side A” of his new project Velvet last year, but now the entire album is out for your quarantine listening pleasure.  It’s his fourth studio album but Adam says it’s the first one to really capture who he is as an artist.

“With Velvet, I feel more clear on who I am and I think it comes out in the music,” he tells ABC Audio. “I think it’s the most authentic thing I’ve done because it’s a time in my life where I’m pretty clear on what I want.” 

Adam also co-wrote all the songs on Velvet and executive-produced it, and he stands behind his decision to release it in parts.

“With Velvet, because it’s a whole other world, a whole new sound for me, I was really excited to just trickle it out a little bit by little bit, let fans get excited about a song and then give them another one,” he explains. “It’s been a nice way to sort of extend the whole experience.”

And since most of the songs on Velvet were already released, Adam suggest a way that fans can listen to the full album with fresh ears.

“I think it might be fun for a fan now — especially with all this extra time on our hands — to listen to the album in its entirety in the order that it’s in,” he says.

“The tracklist order is something that I really tortured myself over a long time to just make sure that it was the right flow…and just the whole thing, I hope, takes the listener on sort of a little journey.”

Meanwhile, physical versions of both “Side B,” plus the whole album pressed on green and purple vinyl, are coming soon.

Here’s the Velvet tracklisting:

“Stranger You Are”
“Roses” feat. Nile Rodgers
“Closer To You”
“Comin In Hot”
“On The Moon”
“Love Dont”
“Ready To Run”
“New Eyes”
“Feel Something”

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