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Addicted Again, In Debt, Cuts Mom Out Of Trustee Position, The Lisa Marie Story Thickens

Reportedly, Lisa Marie Presley took out life insurance policies before she passed away, and she was taking opioids.

Lisa Marie Presley had a $35 million life insurance policy that caused a family rift between Riley Presley and Priscilla Presley.

Allegedly, she was $4 million in debt, and once the debt is gone, then there will be $30 million available for the heirs and beneficiaries of the estate.

Priscilla wants to be the trustee over the estate, but Lisa Marie has named her daughter, Riley, as the trustee.

According to sources, Lisa Marie Presley was on opioids as a result of her losing so much weight in preparation for the new Elvis biopic leading up to her untimely demise.