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AJ McLean says Backstreet Boys are plotting a Christmas album while in quarantine

David Becker/Getty Images

David Becker/Getty ImagesWhile stuck in quarantine like the rest of us, the Backstreet Boys are keeping their spirits up by looking towards the future. All the way to Christmas, to be exact.

Back in February, pre-quarantine, Howie Dorough told ABC Audio the group was toying with the idea of a Christmas album, but said they were just waiting for the right time. Now, since they have all the time in the world, AJ McLean tells Us Weekly they’re starting to plot out some holiday tunes.

“With things being put on hold, we can finally start to talk about finally doing a Christmas album,” he says. “Nothing’s official yet, but it’s becoming more of a serious conversation because obviously, all of us have studios at our homes so we can record our parts separately until we can all be as one again.”

The Backstreet Boys, who marked their 27th anniversary as a band last week, were forced to put their DNA World Tour on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AJ says at the rate things are going, with everything getting pushed back and postponed, they may end up returning to Las Vegas in 2023 in time for their 30th anniversary.

“If things keep getting postponed and touring and stuff gets pushed back until next year…then all of next year is a wrap because we have to fill in all the stuff that we’ve postponed,” he explains. “Next thing you know, it’s gonna be 28 years and hopefully, after the tour’s done, we’re going to take a break…You’re gonna blink your eyes and it’s 30.”

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