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Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Comes to Life

A Redding, California couple came back from a trip to Sacramento to find some unusual guests inside their home.    Hundreds of swallows had invaded Gary and Patti Reitemeyer’s home, apparently getting in through the chimney.   The Reitemeyer’s neighbor noticed the birds when he went by the house to feed their cat; he called and told them there were about 20 birds inside.   By the time Gary and Patti returned home, total chaos awaited them.  Hundreds of birds had invaded their home. The Reitemeyers ended up calling a company to help them clear out their house. The house, where Gary and Patti have lived for over 30 years, is currently uninhabitable and the couple plans to live with their daughter in Sacramento for the time being.   “You can’t get all that bird stuff out of the furniture,” Gary explained. “So all of the furniture is gone, all of the carpet is gone, the blinds are gone…everything. Everything is gone.”  On top of that, the Reitemeyers soon learned that their homeowner’s insurance will not cover this bizarre incident.  Their insurance provider, State Farm, told them they have an “exclusion” on their policy in regards to birds; they will not pay the claim.  The Reitemeyers now face roughly $20,000 in damages. They’ve filed a lawsuit against State Farm.