All Nude Restaurant In Paris Closing!! SHOCKING!

Female taking care of her feet

What? why?  I don’t get the concept!  Sad news for fans of dining in the buff – the first-ever all-nude restaurant in Paris is closing down after just over a year.

The restaurant, called ‘O’Naturel’ opened in November of 2017, offering diners a chance to strip down in a ‘clothes check room’ and enjoy dinner in their birthday suits, although the wait and kitchen staff remained clothed for hygiene reasons. THANK GOODNESS!  That was my first thought!

Unfortunately, nude dining didn’t turn out to be a hit with customers, and the owners say the restaurant will shut down in February.

Would you be willing to dine in an all-nude restaurant?  I don’t think I could for 2 reasons – I don’t want anyone oggling and giggling at me AND I couldn’t help oggling and giggling at others! 



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