Amazing Websites & Apps You Didn’t Know You NEEDED To Know

Buzz Feed compiled a list of websites that you probably didn’t know about…but you NEEDED to!!!  Here are my 5 favorites, but click here for the full list of 39!

1.  You tell them what you have in the fridge & the pantry and they give you recipes you can make with what you have!

2.  RunPee.  – An app that tells you when the best time to take a bathroom break during a movie is so you won’t miss the good stuff!!!! Never miss that important scene….never have to pause the movie…..why didn’t I think of this!

4.  Sick of pressing a button a hundred times to get a real live person to talk to you?!?  Me too!  On this site, you give them the name of a company & they give you a customer service  number that a HUMAN will answer!!!  If you have to go through a robot, it will tell you which buttons to push to get a human!  This is priceless!!!!

5.  You give them a movie or show you want to watch & it tells you what streaming service you can watch it on now.

6.  This one tells you where you can get that amazing outfit you just saw JLo wearing!  You see it on TV and it tells you where you can buy it!  Simple!  I just need it to tell me where I can find the cheap knock-off versions too! LOL