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Amazon ALWAYS Delivers

An Amazon driver went above and beyond the call of duty after fearlessly dropping off a package in the middle of an active police standoff.   The dangerous delivery transpired last month but has amassed 6.7 million views since then as viewers praise the courier’s dedication.    “When you’re about your business…nothing will get in your way,” reads the caption to the video of the dramatic drop-off, which occurred last month in Cary, North Carolina.   SWAT team members were reportedly engaged in a nearly 24-hour standoff with an armed suspect.  Despite the dangerous situation, the Amazon courier wasn’t about to be deterred from his parcel-delivering pilgrimage.   In the ludicrous clip, the unnamed driver in a blue Amazon vest strolls nonchalantly along a street lined with flashing police cars as officers look on incredulously.  The courier gets momentarily stopped from entering the heavily patrolled property, only to casually hand the package to a SWAT team member, who heads towards the apartment with it in tow.   The steel-nerved driver then gets out his phone, presumably to check off the order, before snapping a picture of the epic spectacle.  The clip concludes with the lone delivery hero walking away from the scene of the crime.