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Amazon And Adele

Adele is featured in a new holiday ad from Amazon. A Gospel ballad titled, “Hold On” is the soundtrack for the ad. It features a student who is sitting in a classroom and finds out a test is coming up, however she still goes out with her friends the night before the big test. As the student returns home her neighbor seems concerned. A news report plays in the background with the newscaster saying, ‘In other news, cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic.’ The neighbor sends a care package to the girl who seems to be alone during the holidays. The message closes with, ‘Kindness. The greatest gift.’ “Hold On” is the second song to be released from Adele’s upcoming album, “30.”  Adele’s  primetime special airs on CBS on  Sunday, Nov. 14 at 8:30-10:30 PM