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'American Soul' star Sinqua Walls says season two will capture Don Cornelius falling apart behind the scenes

BET/Nathan Bolster

Sinqua Walls plays a young, enthusiastic, yet troubled Don Cornelius on the hit BET series American Soul. 

Last season chronicled the late legendary host and producer’s relentless effort to establish Soul Train as one of the most prominent television shows for African-American culture in the early 1970s.

Walls says this new season will showcase more of Cornelius’ personal struggles during his rise to fame.

“I think what more so surprises the audience to uncover many more aspects of what he was dealing with behind the scenes of the show,” Walls tells ABC Audio. “You know the first season we really get to see Don go through the trials and tribulations of getting something off the ground an trying to make it successful, now that he is successful. I always compare season two to new money.”

Season two begins in 1975, now that the show is a big success. But Walls says the new season will also capture how Cornelius was falling apart behind the scenes of it all. 

“When you see someone go from literally having nothing to something and fitting into that place of celebrity and abundance and opportunity, while also struggling with a lot of his mental elements that started to become more prevalent as the show went on. So you see that actually happening, affecting his body, his mind, his mobility skills, and everything like that.”

BET’s American Soul starring Sinqua Walls airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

By Rachel George and Candice Williams
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