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Amid COVID-19, Andy Grammer says new daughter is “the light in quite a bit of darkness”

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Taylor Hill/FilmMagicOn Wednesday, Andy Grammer and his wife Aijia announced the arrival of a baby daughter, Israel Blue Grammer, on April 3. On Instagram, Andy writes that she’s provided some much-needed joy to their family during this time of COVID-19.

Sharing a sweet photo of himself and Aijia cradling “Izzy” while their older daughter Louisiana, aka “Louie,” mugs for the camera, Andy writes, “She is the good news in a sea of bad news, the light in quite a bit of darkness, and the new life in the midst of so much talk of death.”

“She has transformed our household which was in a state of caution, fear, and anxiety into one of knowing, spirituality and intense love. She has brought us back to our center,” he gushes.

Andy also recounted how Aijia delivered the baby at home after 18 hours of labor, adding, “It was a profoundly beautiful experience. I am so blessed.”

“I was just holding Izzy and my first daughter Louisiana wrapped her arms around my neck and said ‘Daddy has TWO girls now,’” he concludes. “My eyes got wide and teary: Now I have two girls.”

And when the pandemic subsides, and Andy returns to touring, he’ll be able to leave home knowing that his job hasn’t impacted his ability to be a good father to Louie and Izzy.

“I did a lot of touring, had a lot of work and I still feel really close to my daughter,” Andy told ABC Audio a few months before Izzy arrived. “So I don’t know if there’s a formula to it, but I do know that it’s possible and that’s really encouraging — ’cause I was terrified that there wasn’t gonna be a way to do this.  And there’s seems to be! It’s really cool.”

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