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Amidst coronavirus outbreak, Katy Perry records encouraging message for China

ABC/Gavin Bond

ABC/Gavin BondAs the coronavirus spreads worldwide, China, where it originated, has been most affected, with over 600 people reported dead and more than 31,000 infected.  Now, Katy Perry is lending her voice to the crisis, sending a message of encouragement to the Chinese people.

In a video tweeted by the director-general of the World Health Organization, Katy says, “I just wanted to send a message to you to let you know that we are all with you during this time and to keep fighting and stay healthy and positive as best as you can. We’re thinking of you, we are sending our prayers and we’re gonna get through this.”  

Katy ended her message by saying, “jiaou!” [jai yo], which is phrase of encouragement that means something along the lines of “Hang in there!” or “I’m rooting for you!”

The director-general added, “This is a great message of solidarity from @katyperry to the people of #China. I couldn’t agree more — we’re in this together and we can only stop it together! Thank you for lending your voice to such an important cause.

Katy’s outreach to China follows, but is unconnected to, the news that she’s been named an ambassador for the British Asian Trust’s Children’s Fund.  In that capacity, she’ll be working to end child trafficking in South Asia, including India.

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