‘And Just Like That’ Fans Are Furious With New Carrie Bradshaw Scene

Are you really a fan of Carrie Bradshaw if she has not irritated you a time or two or ten during her Sex and the City days?
In the new reboot, And Just Like That, Carrie has upset some fans of the show.
In the latest episode, Carrie is swiping through a dating app and on her third try she gets lucky.
Fans were not happy with the unrealistic portrayal and took to social media to vent.
I know @ajlt can’t be a real show because Carrie first and only match on a dating app ended up being decent? Unheard of. And where were the fish pics? The hunting pics? The group pics where there’s a hot guy but the profile is for his friend. Idk seems suspicious.
Do you have any dating app horror stories?