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Angry Resident Cut Rope Of Workman On Condo Tower, Police Say

A resident of a high-rise condominium near Bangkok cut the rope of a workman on the outside of the tower, leaving him stranded hundreds of feet above the ground, police said.

The 34-year-old woman is now facing a charge of attempted murder.

Thai media reported that she was annoyed the rope was hanging outside her 21st floor window — even though residents had been informed workers were repairing a crack on the outside of the building.

The workman told police he felt a tug on the rope below him and suddenly couldn’t descend.

The workman began screaming for help; a couple in the condo eventually helped get him safely on a balcony, while also documenting the predicament for TikTok.

Have you – or someone you know – ever (accidentally) gotten stuck while working on project hundreds or thousands of feet in the air?