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Anyone Remember “The Renegades” From The 80’s?

The crime drama series starred the late Patrick Swayze in an early television role. It aired on ABC from March 4, 1983, to April 1983.

The plot involved a gang of street toughs who were given a choice; work for the police as undercover agents infiltrating street gangs in order to prevent gang-related crimes or go to jail.

The cast had Swayze as Bandit, Tracy Scoggins as Tracy, Kurtwood Smith as Captain Scanlon, Paul Mones as J.T., Randy Brooks as Eagle, Robert Thale as Dancer, James Luisi as Lt. Marciano, Brain Tochi as Dragon, and Fausto Bara as Gaucho.

Critics dismissed it by saying it was just a Mod Squad update. The series did have a very catchy theme.

Here’s a clip from the show!