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Are They Grooming Him To Take Over As Host One Day?

Jeopardy! will be returning later this month with a few changes – including a new COVID-safe set and the return of Ken Jennings.

Don’t worry – Alex Trebek will still be hosting.  But Jennings will also be part of the show, presenting clues for special video categories and serving as a consulting producer.

It’s been speculated that Jennings – who became famous during his record 74-game winning streak in 2004 – might eventually take over as Jeopardy! host.  But the 80-year-old Trebek is still going strong and says his cancer treatments are “paying off”.

Jeopardy! returns with new shows Sept. 14th.

Would Jennings be the right choice to host if Alex Trebek retires?  Who else would do a good job?