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Are We Really THIS Hungry For Entertainment?! A Search For A Baby Daddy Show?!

There’s a new show on the way called “Labor of Love”, which is basically just like “The Bachelorette”, only instead of a woman who’s looking for a fiancé, this show will star a woman looking for a BABY DADDY.

It stars former “Bachelor” contestant Kristy Katzmann, who’s, quote, “A 41-year old . . . who seems to have it all . . . except the one thing she wants the most . . .

“Like so many women in America today, she is ready to have a child and start a family, but has yet to meet the potential father of her children.”  (And UNLIKE so many women in America, she’s doing a reality show to get fertilized.)

She’ll be courted by 15 “like-minded” men, and a TOURNAMENT OF LOVE will commence.  The show premieres May 21st on Fox.  KRISTIN DAVIS from “Sex and the City” is hosting.

What would Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt say!??!