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Are You Coloring Eggs For Easter?

Did you know that decorating eggs comes from a Ukrainian tradition:? Ornate eggs were called “pysankas,” which were made by using wax and dyes.  And it wasn’t until Ukrainian immigrants came to the U.S. that the custom caught on.    A poll finds 49% of Americans who celebrate Easter will do it this year.   The top 3-reasons we dye eggs all have to do with family time:  To make memories . . . to do a fun family activity . . . and to spend quality time with the kids.   Here are a few more quick Easter egg stats . . .

  1. Our favorite Easter egg color is purple with 31% of the vote. Blue is next at 24%, then pink, 19% . . . and green, 10%.
  2. 81% of people will use an Easter egg dying kit. Others might use food coloring, paint them, or do things like stickers.
  3. 42% will use their eggs in an Easter egg hunt this weekend.
  4. 35% will display their eggs in some way.
  5. 66% of us will eat our Easter eggs next week, so they don’t go to waste.