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Are You Ready For 4 New Coke Flavors?! 🥤

From coffee to alcohol, Coca-Cola is getting ready to launch four new products

First up, is Coca-Cola Starlight which has been described to have a cotton candy smell and a “cream soda, caramel flavor.”

Inspired by space, Coca-Cola says Starlight “…aims to bring space to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about what lies beyond our atmosphere.”

The brand also has released another drink in its coffee-infused beverages with a new mocha flavor.

And two new alcoholic drinks out are Simply Spiked Lemonade and Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer.

Are you planning on trying any of these drinks? What is your all-time favorite product from Coca-Cola?