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Are You Wearing Something Right Now That Has Been Deemed Inappropriate For Work?

This might come as a shock, but if you’re wearing Crocs and overalls to work today, you might be underdressed . . .

A new poll found 57% of us think traditional office clothes will eventually be phased out, and 23% think it’s already happening.

Certain things are still seen as too casual for work though.

2,000 people were asked to name the most inappropriate things you can wear to work.  And the lists are a little different for men and women . . .

The five most inappropriate things guys can wear are gym clothes . . . cycling gear . . . flip-flops . . . overalls . . . and Crocs.  Casual t-shirts, short shorts, and Christmas sweaters also made the list.

The top five for women are gym clothes . . . any top that looks too much like a bra . . . crop tops . . . Crocs . . . and flip-flops.  Hotpants and tube tops just missed the top five.