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Bachelorette Kelsey Gets Champagne To The Face! Best Part – She Did It To Herself!

OMG…..scenes like this just might have me tuning into the show.  I have never watched even 1 episode of either The Bachelor OR The Bachelorette.

This bachelorette had bad after bad after bad thing happen to her, topped off by champagne alllll over her face!  It’s a must watch!  (FF to 1:30)

After Hannah Ann and Bachelor Peter Weber open a special bottle of champagne that Kelsey brought from home, Kelsey confronts Hannah Ann, saying she knew it was special and that it wasn’t hers and that she opened it anyway. Peter tries to cheer Kelsey up, but that gesture goes wrong when Kelsey ends up with champagne all over her face. Hannah Ann says she didn’t know it was special, but Kelsey says she did, and calls her ‘fake’ and ‘calculated.’