Been To Tarpon Springs Lately? You Might Have Been SPIED On At “We Spy Coffee & More”!

If you went to a café called “We Spy Coffee & More”, you’d probably assume the “& More” is other drinks they offer . . . NOT other things that they’re spying on.

On Saturday, a man was in the restroom at We Spy Coffee & More in Florida . . . and he noticed a CAMERA recording him from under the sink.  He confronted the employees and called the cops.

The police came and arrested a 31-year-old man named Spyridon Voulgarakis, who was identified as an “employee and business partner” of the cafe.  Yes, his name is Spy, and HE was the bathroom spy at We Spy Coffee & More.

Spyridon admitted that he placed the camera there and recorded the victim and other males using the restroom.  He’s been doing it for a month, so the cops want to talk to anyone else who thinks they may be a victim.  Spyridon was charged with battery and video voyeurism.

(IONTB / Facebook)

(Here’s Spyridon’s mugshot.)