Ben Affleck Confirms He Is On The Raya Dating App

Ben Affleck once said he didn’t get on dating apps but recently he’s been spotted on the exclusive members-only dating app, Raya.  Author and actress Nivine Jay revealed on TikTok that she once was pursued by Ben Affleck on the app, or at least a catfish of him so she thought. Jay said [she] “thought it was fake so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram.” He later sent her a video asking why she swiped on him. Page Six first reported Ben Affleck was on Raya in 2019 but in February 2020 Affleck told Diane Sawyer that he wasn’t on any dating apps.  Rebel Wilson blew Affleck’s cover during an interview on Australian radio when she said she spotted him on the app, “[I’ve seen] Ben Affleck! I hear Channing Tatum’s on there, but he hasn’t come up on my feed yet so I’ll keep swiping!” said Wilson.  Which celebrity would you swipe right for?