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Best April Fools Pranks

There were some great corporate April Fools commercials…But one of the best comes from our friends Down Under.   The Australian Police force  unveiled its new Small Area Urban Searching And Guided Evacuation Dogs unit, or “SAUSAGE Dogs.”  Yeah, the new unit is all Dachshunds . . .  aka Weiner dogs. ….

Other great pranks:

Polk County Sheriff’s Office introducing its new “alligator” team made up of real alligators!

And then all of these:

  1. Velveeta made an ad for a fake line of skin care products made out of liquid cheese.
  2. Outback Steakhouse made fake lipsticks that are the colors of the different cooking temperatures for steaks.
  3. Lego made an ad for “SmartBricks” that move out of your way as you walk so you won’t step on them.
  4. Bud Light Seltzer announced a pizza flavor.
  5. Green Giant and Peeps teamed up to announce cauliflower-flavored Peeps.
  6. Duolingo created a toilet paper that also teaches you a foreign language.
  7. And Jif made exfoliating face masks made from peanut butter.