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Best Opening Scenes From Scary Movies

What opening scene of a horror film would you pick a the best. Well, the staff at Nerdist.com has picked the best opening scenes they like the best.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  “Jaws” . . . Nothing like a skinny dip in the ocean that results with a Great White attack and blood-curdling screams to kick off a movie.

2.  “Scream” . . . You got DREW BARRYMORE, the first phone call introduction to Ghostface, and the iconic line, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

3.  The 1978 “Halloween” . . . Young Michael Myers kills his sister while wearing a clown costume.

4.  “Final Destination 2” . . . This scene has probably caused freeway anxiety for anyone who has seen it.  A tree trunk comes loose on the back of a lumber truck on a highway and immediately crashes through the windshield of the car behind it, causing a massive pile-up.

5.  “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” . . . It opens with  Patricia Arquette and the concept of a “dream within a dream”.  Her character thinks she’s woken up from a dream, only to find her bathroom faucet handles are Freddy’s claws as he cuts open her wrist.

6.  “Jurassic Park” . . . Even though this isn’t a typical “horror” movie, the opening is violent enough to count.  Let’s just say the transport of a velociraptor doesn’t go very well for a few.

7.  “The Hitcher” . . . C. THOMAS HOWELL picks up a hitchhiker . . . and well, it gets creepy and the hitchhiker says he murdered the last guy that picked him up.

8.  “The Silence of the Lambs” . . . JODIE FOSTER is seen running through the forest with ominous music.  It’s shot from an angle like she’s being watched.

9.  “Get Out” . . . It opens with the kidnapping of Andre.  He is dragged into a man’s car while the song “Run Rabbit Run” plays.

10.  “It Follows” . . . A girl runs from her house in undergarments and heels from an invisible monster . . . she drives off to a beach, where she meets her demise.