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Beware Of Coronavirus Scam Aimed At The Elderly. Spread The Word

While we can laugh at this video of the police officer having a little fun with the scammer that unwittingly called her, we can’t laugh at the scammers who are getting through to our older parents and grandparents.  They can be very demanding and bossy and quite intimidating for those who are older.  Please tell everyone you can so they will know this may be coming!

Law enforcement officials are warning people of a new scam that takes advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The scam, which begins with a phone call, targets elderly residents, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. The hustler identifies himself as a medical professional who’s selling a vaccine that prevents coronavirus infection. He says there’s a limited supply and the victim needs to make a payment immediately to get in on the deal. Needless to say, the money leaves but the vaccine never arrives.

“Remember that there is no vaccine for this virus at the moment,” Sheriff Paul Penzone says.

Have you ever fallen victim to a scam?