Bill Murray Is Launching An NFT Collection On His Life

Recently, Bill Murray has teamed up with The Chive to create an NFT collection based on his real-life stories.
The Chive Media Group Co-Founder said, “I asked Bill’s thoughts about all the Bill Murray stories swirling about. Bill gave a surprisingly candid answer, ‘I like them just fine, I was even present for a few.'”
The Co-Founder continued, “I asked Billy why he hadn’t decided to tell them, to fill in the missing pieces of the mythology? ‘The timing has never been right, nor has the storytelling vehicle. I don’t want to film a documentary or write an autobiography. Social media is for the birds. Still, I wish most people would understand how much I like fresh eggs, laid daily.'”
The first Bill Murray token will raise money for a charity that Bill is passionate about.
Would you purchase a Bill Murray NFT Token with one of his infamous stories?


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