Billy Idol Almost Became “A Face Without Eyes!”

Did you know – BILLY IDOL almost lost his eyesight filming the video for “Eyes Without a Face”!?

He kept his contacts in too long, while getting no sleep, and he ended up in the hospital with his eyes bandaged for two days while his corneas healed.

From his 2014 book “Dancing With Myself”, Billy said back in the ’80s, he wore hard contact lenses.  After shooting the video, he flew to Arizona for a gig.  By that point he’d had the contacts in for 36 hours without changing them, and he was on no sleep.

He fell asleep in the grass outside the venue waiting for the sound check, and was awakened by a sheriff pointing a gun at him for some reason.

He says, quote, “When I opened my eyes, I could only make out the outline of his weapon, while tears came pouring from my eyes.  Something was wrong!  The pain was so intense, and my eyes were gushing.

“They rushed me to a hospital, and my eyes remained bandaged for two days until my corneas had healed.”