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Billy Joel joins NY Gov. Cuomo in signing new bill, says he's given up on idea of retirement

Courtesy Gov. Andrew M. CuomoBilly Joel isn’t just a rock star — he’s also a boating enthusiast and fisherman.  So it’s no wonder that he’s in favor of keeping New York’s waterways safe and clean.

On Monday, Billy joined his close pal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York, as Cuomo signed a bill banning offshore drilling in New York State waters.  The legislation came in direct response to the Trump administration’s proposal to open U.S. coastal areas to drilling.

Billy also spoke to the crowd, noting that he and Cuomo have known each other for years and that the governor is even godfather to two of his children.  “I know that if anyone tries to damage these shores or this water, my good friend Andrew over there will do everything he can to say, ‘No way, no how,'” he said.

The Piano Man added, “I’m proud to be here today to tell the people down in Washington if they think they would do anything to poison these waters or damage these shores, they’ve got another thing coming.”

Billy, who grew up on Long Island and still lives there, talked about how “incredibly special” the area’s beaches are, adding, “I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. I can, but I won’t!”

In other Billy news, he recently told New York’s Newsday that ahead of his 70th birthday, he has no plans to retire.

“It just seems like it’s not so far-fetched to continue to do what you have learned how to do all your life,” he said, while noting, “It’s a great job. I have a great band. I play great venues. And I make great money. So what’s wrong with that?”

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