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Bob Marley’s Family Is Coming Out with a Magic Mushroom Line ūüćĄ

The pot business is old news.¬†¬†BOB MARLEY’s¬†family¬†is taking it one step further by¬†getting in on the magic mushroom business.

They collaborated with a global wellness company to create a line called Marley One . . . the first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand for consumers.

They debuted a set of FUNCTIONAL mushroom tinctures . . . meaning these are NOT psychedelic.  They will offer different wellness benefits like helping with sleep, the immune system, and even digestion.

Later this year they’ll launch¬†PSYCHEDELIC mushroom products in LEGAL markets . . . like Jamaica.¬† And also cosmetics, gummies, and capsules.

Bob’s wife¬†Rita¬†said, quote, “We know Bob would be proud of what we’re building . . . our family has always revered the ancient history and transformative potential of nature‚Äôs gifts.”

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