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Boo on Chrissy Teigen’s, YEAH On Jason Momoa’s, Meh On J Lo’s Super Bowl Commercials.

Surely you had a favorite!  What was it?  I LOVE Jason Momoa for Rocket Mortgage.  Will it get me to get a mortgage from Rocket Mortgage, prob not. Will I watch that ad about 50 times, YES!

Chrissy Teigen with husband John Legend seemed rude to me.  Then again, she could give homes to 100 puppies and I wouldn’t have liked it.  That girl just rubs me the wrong way.  And do you remember what it was for?  Some car at the end after she insulted all of her guests.

J Lo for…..Pepsi?  I’m not sure.  Her cup got stolen from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  Didn’t we all know it was DJ Khalid at the beginning?  Maybe that wasn’t the point.  But nah, didn’t love that one.  LOVE HER…not that ad.

I laughed so hard at Smaht Pahk!  Oh my goodness that was great!  That John Krasinksi I could just look at him all day long!