Brendan Fraser tells us what may have derailed his career

Brendan Fraser tells GQ he thinks being groped by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press may have sent his career into hiatus.
Fraser recounted the incident where Philip Berk pinched his butt but it went further. Fraser said Berk reached around and “grabbed his ass” and one of his finger touched his taint and Berk moved the finger around.
Fraser was overcome with fear. He reported the incident to the HFPA. While he didn’t blame the organization outright, Fraser wondered if the report “curried disfavor with the group” that made it more difficult for him to find roles.
Berk denied the accusations in an e-mail to GQ. Fraser is experiencing a minor resurgence on television appearing recently on Showtime’s The Affair and having an upcoming role on FX’s Trust.
Were you wondering what happened to Brendan Fraser?




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