Brian Wilson Documentary ‘Long Promised Road’ Captures Musical Legend In Raw, Personal Way

A new documentary will be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival that captures Beach Boys frontman, Brian Wilson, in a way he’s never been seen before. “Long Promised Road” was directed by Brent Wilson (no relation) with editing done by veteran Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine.  The documentary was filmed over three weekends where the men drove for 70 hours giving fans a look at who Brian Wilson is without him giving much input. The filmmakers had access to 120 hours of archival footage, Brian’s home movies, and 15,000 photos. There are long periods of silence where Brian doesn’t talk for up to 30 minutes but Wilson and Fine were able to use Brian’s music to fill the gaps. According to Tim Headington, the film’s producer, the team is currently looking for the, “right U.S. partner to distribute the film.” Which documentary about a musical icon is your favorite?