‘Bug Therapy’: Watch First Clip For New Animated Short Film

A new short film is packing some big star power. “Bug Therapy” is a new animated short film voiced by Meghan Trainor, Dr. Phil, Sterling K. Brown, Jay Leno & Tom Green

The film follows insects who deal with mental health issues, from OCD and depression to codependency and addiction.

“Bug Therapy” is directed by Jason Reisig (Smallfoot) and written by Emmy-nominated former Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon writer Michael Jann, and Michele Jourdan, of Citronella Stories.

“Right now, more people than ever are struggling with mental health. We just wanted to make people laugh, and say ‘everyone struggles with something, and there’s no shame in asking for help,” said Jann and Jourdan.

Since the pandemic have you discovered you may have mental health issues? What is helping you to deal with your mental health?