Burger King Set To Launch New Digital Exclusive $13 Trick Or Heat Meal Bundle Starting October 13, 2023

For the last Friday, the 13th of 2023, Burger King is offering a $13 Trick or Heat Meal Bundle starting October 13, 2023, to help fans overcome their fear of paraskevidekatriaphobia – the fear of Friday the 13th.

The Trick or Heat Meal Bundle has a Ghost Pepper Whopper, 4-piece Ghost Pepper Chicken Fry, small fries, a small drink, and Hershey Sundae Pie for $13.

Royal Perks members get $13 Trick or Heat Meal Bundles in the BK App and from Oct 13-31, 2023.

Fans can get a limited-edition Burger King crown by purchasing the Trick Or Heat Meal Bundle. The crown features the ghost pepper character from the special packaging.

What is your biggest fear, and what is the technical name for it?